Milestone seeks management teams full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and with a vision for building a successful company. We believe that the most successful must combine in themselves strong operating experience with deep understanding of the market and technologies in their entrepreneurial domains. We wish to become a powerful partner for the management and the co-owners and through the experience and capital means contribute to the achievement of the joint objective of additional target companies´ expansion.

The relationship with the managers and the co-owners is crucial for us. We see the managers as partners whose ambition is to become the co-owners of the target companies and who wish to employ their capabilities and skills in a balanced and motivating environment. The representatives of the investor are not involved in the day-to-day management of the companies. They cooperate with the managers in strategic issues concerning the business expansion ad they are likely to support the companies´ growth providing their experience in financial management or approach to bank debt financing.

Milestone typically invests between EUR 2 - 8 million. The most promising companies can raise funds through direct equity investment or a combination of equity investment and bank debt financing. Therefore the total size of the investment may reach 2-3 times level of quoted own equity. However we may analyze and even invest in the investment cases that require funds above stated interval.

Milestone is not a speculator or a short-term investor, but a patient capital provider. Its investments are typically for 4 to 7 years, but may last twice as long, especially if the earlier sale does not make economic sense. Due to genuinely private character of funds our investments don’t face any time constraints concerning the exits. We seek capital gains usually through the sale of projects to strategic partners (trade sale), but we also accept management leveraged buy-outs (MBO) or other alternative means of exit (like company buy-back etc.).

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