Milestone Partners

Milestone Partners seated in Prague was established by management that has obtained experience with investing in private equity projects and its management while working in Expandia investment company and since 2003 has been developing its own business under Milestone brand. Milestone Partners focuses on investing in privately-held small and medium sized companies in various phases of their enterprise development, including early-stage projects on the market. Extraordinarily based on its attractiveness we may invest in start-up or greenfield projects. However, the common characteristics of all projects, regardless of their phases, must be a potential and possibilities of further development and growth. Milestone Partners invests primarily in quickly growing companies located in the Czech Republic, nevertheless, it is also ready to invest a portion of its capital in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe (i.e. in Slovakia, in Hungary and Poland).

CFQI - Closed Investment Fund

Thanks to the license granted from the Czech national bank, the Milestone group has incorporated the fund of qualified investors - CFQI closed investment fund. The investment fund plans to pay interests on the long experience of its representatives in the sphere of the Czech real estate investments and to focus on real estate projects offering the decree potential which would be above the market average.

The real estate investments won’t be short-term/speculative but rather long-term. Investment fund will focus on investments to the middle-sized projects which offer an interesting potential and possibility of future development and growth. Projects could be in different phases of its development, from the just starting to the projects which has already gained certain format and market share and are seeking for suitable capital for further development.

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